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What do we do?

With over 20 years of experience, DB Contracting provides a way to reduce costly shrinkage and produce nutritious and palatable silage. The DB Contracting AgBag system is proven to be the ideal environment for preserving high quality, highly digestible feed that raises production and health levels of the herd.

Why choose us?

An independent Ag Bag contractor, DB Contracting is based in The Midlands and covers the whole of the UK. The DB Contracting AgBag system puts unlimited, low-cost storage capacity exactly where you need it. Bags can be placed for convenient access allowing the feed to be removed with a front-end loader or be self-fed.

Want to reduce costs?

Storing your silage in a DB Contracting AgBag is one of the most efficient ways of achieving high-quality silage. Farmers can significantly reduce their silage production costs and thus improve their financial profitability by using our silage bagging system. Contact us to find out how.

There are many benefits of using the DB Contracting AgBag system both in the way that it works and the results that it produces. The airtight bags prevent the growth of yeast, molds, bacteria, and insects that can otherwise be detrimental to your feedstock. The DB Contracting AgBag storage system produces an easily digestible, higher quality feed than any other system.

Find out more about the services we offer below:

AgBag Feed Storage Anaerobic Digester Feedstock Storage Grain / Salt / Fertilizer Storage

"Storing silage in an AgBag is one of the most efficient ways of achieving high-quality silage. Ag-Bagging silage and moist feeds are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and it is easy to see why. With the excellent and consistent quality of the end product, the DB Contracting AgBag system has significantly reduced our costs – its good for the environment and good for your pocket".

John Smith, Farm Manager

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